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Bangladesh Fisheries Information Share Home (In brief, BdFISH) is an online platform. For sharing fisheries information, BdFISH is launched by First Executive Body and maintained by next BdFISH Executive Bodies. To build up an easy access database of fisheries information, BdFISH shares fisheries relevant information special reference to Bangladesh through different initiatives. All initiatives of BdFISH are not-for-profit as well as voluntary which are


Details of our online initiatives are given below

To share fisheries information, following websites are developed under mentioned units:

Popular Publication Unit:

  • BdFISH Feature
    fisheries features special reference to Bangladesh
  • BdFISH Bangla
    বাংলাভাষায় মৎস্য বিষয়ক তথ্য শেয়ারের অনলাইন মঞ্চ
  • BdFISH Gallery
    image gallery relevant to Bangladesh fisheries
  • BdFISH Dictionary
    online fisheries dictionary special reference to Bangladesh

Scientific Publication Unit:

  • BdFISH Journal
    the publication of fisheries relevant original scientific research article

Archive Unit:

Service Unit:


Organizing Unit:

  • To organize Quiz, Debate, Olympiad, Seminar, Conference, Fair, Exhibition, Film Show, Study tour etc.
  • To support to buildup BdFISH Club in different campus of Universities, Colleges etc.
  • To support to fisheries students, researchers, personnel, fishers etc. during their crisis moments
  • To build up an aquafarm to produce agro-fisheries products
  • To celebrate national and international days / weeks / fortnights / years etc. especial reference to fisheries and/or Bangladesh

Our Vision, Mission, Values and Strategy:

  • Vision: an online platform for sharing fisheries information
  • Mission: To share fisheries information among the students, researchers, teachers, personnel and others (people) who are interested
  • Values: Volunteerism, honesty, accountability, self dependence and love for sharing fisheries information are the main keys to our development
  • Strategy: Sharing fisheries information (is an effective strategy for the development of fisheries science and technology)



Bangladesh is rich with her large numbers of fish and other fisheries fauna and flora, vast areas of open, closed and semi-closed water-bodies and other fisheries resources such as manpower, equipment, institutions, industrious etc. Moreover the environmental condition and geographical location is suitable for fish and other aquatic organism as well as favorable for fisheries and aquaculture. In the circumstance, Fisheries Science plays a vital role for the management and conservation of fisheries resources and development of aquaculture. We strongly believe that sharing fisheries information will prove as an effective strategy in this process. People, interested in sharing fisheries based information, can join BdFISH and can play an important role in its development.

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