BdFISH Ordinance 2009

The name of this organization is “Bangladesh Fisheries Information Share Home” and “BdFISH” in brief.

The postal and virtual address of this organization are BdFISH, c/o ABM Mohsin, Department of Fisheries, University of Rajshahi, Rajshahi-6205, Bangladesh and www.bdfish.org respectively.

The text-mark and logo of this organization are BdFISH and bdfish logo respectively.

The mode of this organization is voluntary, charitable and non-profit which is dedicated to share fisheries information on the house.
4.1 Vision
An online platform for sharing fisheries information. It is also used as motto as well as slogan.
4.2 Mission
To share fisheries information among the students, researchers, teachers, personnel and others (people) who are interested
4.3 Values
Volunteerism, honesty, accountability, self dependence and love for sharing fisheries information are the main keys to our development
4.4 Strategy
Sharing fisheries information (is an effective strategy for the development of fisheries science and technology)

The BdFISH Board of Trustees oversees the organization and its work, as its ultimate governing authority. It presides over according to the ordinance as well as rules and regulations. It appoints two executives such as Chairperson and Co-chairperson from the members of the Board of Trustees. It also approves inclusion of new member of the Board of Trustees, all BdFISH Teams and respective rules and regulations to execute different types of initiatives. All teams consist with a Team Leader and Members to carry out a specific initiative according to the rules and regulations of respective team.

The Board of Trustees is formed with two Trustees such as Founder and Co-founder.
The Board of Trustees will follow the procedure below for the approval of all rules and regulations –
a. A resolution is proposed by any Trustee at any time through online platform (bdfish/facebook/email/message) and/or offline platform if emergency.
b. A single week discussion period starts in order to facilitate discussion to discuss on the proposed resolution and any Trustee also to propose a customized resolution or annotation of this resolution.
c. After the end of a discussion period, any Trustee can move to begin a voting period. The voting period is three days. Any trustee can vote to YES or NO for a proposed resolution including customized resolution or annotation.
d. All resolutions are approved by above 50% YES vote. At least 70% vote must be casted. All Trustees are responsible to vote either YES or NO to a proposed resolution (including customized resolution or annotation, if any).
e. Finally Chairperson signs the approved resolution as a rules and regulations and publishes in online/offline for implementation within three days, if not sends back to the discussion with the point out of a particular reason.
f. The Chairperson can also modify the duration of discussion and voting period for a specific reason with point out.
g. The national and international laws and this ordinance will not be violating to propose and approve of all rules and regulations.
h. Chairperson is responsible to carry out the whole procedure.

In absence of Chairperson, Co-chairperson will be responsible to continue all respective activities (except voting) of the Board of Trustees orderly as well as vice versa.

All initiatives of this organization are voluntary, charitable and not-for-profit. But fund/money is one of the main key factors to conduct any work/initiative. The main source of the fund of this organization is donation at personal or organizational level. Another source is grant/award/prize etc. Lastly BdFISH workshop, BdFISH Shop and other such type initiatives are performed as a source of BdFISH fund.

It is not mandatory but this organization is expected that all Trustees donate any amount to BdFISH at least a time in a year. Donation will be also welcomed from the members of any BdFISH team as well as editors, authors, contributors, readers, commenter and well-wishers of BdFISH. Grant/award/prize is encouraged at personal as well as team level. The activities of BdFISH Workshop, BdFISH Shop and other such type initiatives are also encouraged to enhance fund. Other approaches will also be encouraged to increase fund with the reflection of the mode (Vision, Mission, Values, and Strategy) of this organization and the approval of the Board of Trustees.
At least a bank account named BdFISH is run to maintain fund. All accounts are run by signatures of Chairperson and Co-chairperson jointly. Co-chairperson is responsible to maintain all activities relevant to fund according to the decision of trustee board.

To share fisheries information, BdFISH already has taken some initiatives and some are in the pipeline. All initiatives are fisheries relevant and run according to the rules and regulations of respective initiative team approved by the Board of Trustee. All are given bellow-

7.1 Online initiatives
a. BdFISH Feature: a platform of fisheries features special reference to Bangladesh
b. BdFISH Bangla: বাংলাভাষায় মৎস্য বিষয়ক তথ্য শেয়ারের অনলাইন মঞ্চ
c. BdFISH Gallery: a media (image/audio/video) gallery relevant to Bangladesh fisheries
d. BdFISH Journal: journal/s of fisheries relevant original scientific research articles and note
e. BdFISH Dictionary: an online fisheries dictionary special reference to Bangladesh
f. BdFISH Quiz: a platform to test fisheries knowledge
g. BdFISH Reference: an archive of fisheries reference special reference to Bangladesh
h. BdFISH Document: an archive of Bangladesh fisheries relevant copyright free documents
i. BdFISH Event: an archive of fisheries relevant events alert worldwide
j. BdFISH YellowPage: an online directory of Bangladesh fisheries business and organization
k. BdFISH Answer: fisheries questions and answers archive special reference to Bangladesh
l. BdFISH News: fisheries news archive special reference to Bangladesh
m. BdFISH Library: a website to manage BdFISH Library
n. BdFISH Shop: an online Shop to sell BdFISH Souvenirs as well as Products
o. BdFISH Workshop: a platform to support to develop non-profitable educational websites

7.2 Offline initiatives
a. To publish wall magazine, research journal (print), popular magazine etc.
b. To organize debate, open discussion, speech, book review, workshop, seminar, study tour etc.
c. To prepare as well as to show fish/fisheries relevant film, documentaries etc.
d. To archive of Bangladesh fisheries relevant documents in BdFISH Library
e. To help to developed fisheries relevant academic websites
f. To sell BdFISH souvenirs as well as products
g. To support to fisheries relevant people (fisheries personnel, fishers etc.) during crisis moments (disaster, disease etc.) as a social-work
h. To celebrate national and internal days relevant to fisheries as well as nationality.

7.3 New initiatives
New initiatives will also be encouraged to increase the mode (Vision, Mission, Values, and Strategy) of this organization with the approval of the Board of Trustees.

The annual report will be published on the bases of all activities (initiatives and financial) of a year (January-December) in the first month of every next year. The Chairperson will be responsible to prepare and publish (in BdFISH site/s) the annual report with the assist of Co-chairperson.

This ordinance will be effective after the acceptation of the Board of Trustees. The Board of Trustees will also be capable to addition, deletion and any other modification of this ordinance according to the mode of this organization for its development.

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