Managing Body

BdFISH Board of Trustees 2015


Muhammad Afzal Hussain
Dr. Muhammad Afzal Hussain
Chairman and Professor, Department of Fisheries, RU



Fawzia Adib Flowra
Dr. Fawzia Adib Flowra
Upcoming Chairman and Professor, Department of Fisheries, RU



ABM Mohsin
Dr. ABM Mohsin
Founder and Former Chairperson, BdFISH and
Professor, Department of Fisheries, RU



Shams Muhammad Galib
Shams Muhammad Galib
Co-founder and Former Co-chairperson, BdFISH and
Lecturer, Department of Fisheries, RU



Md. Akhtar Hossain
Dr. Md. Akhtar Hossain
Professor and Former chairman, Department of Fisheries, RU


M Nazrul Islam
Dr. M Nazrul Islam
Editor-in-chief, Journal of Fisheries, BdFISH Journal and
Professor, Department of Zoology, RU


Md. Mehedi Hasan
Md. Mehedi Hasan
Founder Member, BdFISH Feature Team and
Alumni, Department of Fisheries, RU


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